“This video is a must have for any Georgia fan. It is a fascinating behind the scenes story of the 1980 Championship team told by those that actually played and coached in that memorable season. Lenny does an amazing job of weaving their stories together in an entertaining and captivating way. It was as intriguing to hear about a colorful off field incident as it was to hear what the player’s thought about Herschel when he initially arrived on campus. I have already watched the DVD a couple of times and know I will watch it many more in the years to come. Dawg fans will absolutely love this documentary!”
Mark Maloney
UGA ABJ ’81 and Member of the 80’s Athens band “The Surf”
“This DVD brought back the many great memories of UGA’s finest hour. It gives those of us who were there at the time a great way to reminisce, and share those memories with our kids.”
–Susan Fincher Segars, President, Q Communications, UGA ABJ ’83.
“The documentary brought back wonderful memories of the PERFECT 12-0 season. The interviews with players and coaches provided some very entertaining stories. The video would make a great gift for any Dawg Fan.”
Tom Lawandales
UGA Class of ’82
“1980 Dawgs – The Inside Story of the National Championship Season is a fabulous documentary that perfectly recaptures that magical season. The video brought back so many memories of the winning season plus added some great stories that I never realized took place. I will definitely watch it many times again. Thanks so much for the memories.”
David Deutsch
UGA Class of ’82
“Very well done and thorough. Captivating from start to finish.”
Ron Saren
UGA Class of ’89
“The 1980 Championship Documentary is a ‘Must Have’ for any True Bulldog Fan! Entertaining and Historical! It is like a college reunion with all the players and coaches! The timing for its release is perfect for my Christmas List!
Steve Cole
Captain Delta Air Lines
UGA Class of ’80
“Two Thumbs Up! Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! “
Phil Catledge
UGA Class of ’82
“Captures every feeling and emotion from players, coaches and fans perspective on the magical championship season. The documented stories, events and personalities that were the fabric of this incredible season is a must see. The honoring of “Coach Erk Russell” was a personal favorite. This documentary reinforces how great it is to be a Georgia Bulldawg!”
Brad Pager Class of ’78 & former UGA Baseball Player
“What a joy to relive those years that are so special to UGA fans throughout
the country. This documentary captures the sights, sounds, emotions, and
feelings that catapulted our Dawgs through the 1980 season into a national
championship. Well done!”

Rob Scales
UGA 1975 – 1977.
“I was absolutely unable to stop watching until I came to the end. Honestly, I could have watched more. Loved the comments from the players, particularly those that we have never or rarely heard from over the years. Thanks for doing this!”
Tracy McFarland
1980 National Champs! Undefeated, Untied, and Unbelievable! To re-live it from an insider’s perspective is magical! No Dawg fan should be without it!
Mike Addison
UGA Class of ’81
“Few things stir the soul and stimulate the spirit like college football.
If, in your lifetime, your school is fortunate enough to win a National
Championship, the sense of pride is unrivaled, the experience
unforgettable! 1980 was such a season for us in the Bulldog Nation! And,
while it was several decades ago, the memories seem fresh as yesterday,
the emotion still charged with pure electricity! This documentary is
incredible! Lenny and crew have captured the essence of the skill, the
tenacity, the talent, the coaching, the fan support, the huge plays, and
yes, the little bit of luck that all goes into the making of a miraculous
season — and ALL from an insider perspective! Players, coaches, and other
insiders tell well-known and little-known stories about the season of
seasons! Two thumbs up is not adequate in describing the quality, the
entertainment and the information in this body of work. It is a ‘must see,
must have’ for every Bulldog fan! Get it! Watch it! Share it!Let the goose
bumps begin! GO DAWGS!”

Jim White Class of 1977
Owner, Carroll/White Advertising