Director & Filmmaker

Lenny Daniel, Director of 1980 Dawgs - The Inside Story of the National Championship Season

 The Director/Filmmaker of “1980 Dawgs” is Lenny Daniel, a 1981 graduate of UGA’s Grady School of Journalism. Lenny wrote for the Red & Black sports department from 1979-1981 and wrote some of the features and other stories on the football team during that time.  “My friend, Ed Legge, was the sports editor and he assigned me several player features during that time. “  A few years after graduating from UGA and working various television jobs, Mr. Daniel started his own production company, Phoenix Video Productions.  He produces corporate pieces, sports events, religious programs and occasional documentaries.

     He stumbled upon the need for this project  while reminiscing and trying to find a recent documentary on the 1980 season.  He learned that, to his knowledge, there had not been a feature length documentary produced on the 1980 team.

“After researching it further, I thought I would try to do it. I knew it would be a monumental undertaking with a limited budget, but decided to move forward. This was a special group of players and coaches and I just felt like their stories should be told.  Many people thought the project would be too difficult to pull off.  But I contacted Vince Dooley and Frank Ros, early in the process and they were very helpful.
We’re excited to get the film into the homes of Dawgs’ fans everywhere so they can hear the stories these special coaches and players have to tell.  Some of them will give you goosebumps……… some will bring tears to your eyes.  I’m humbled and excited to be part of this project, and hope you really enjoy watching it.
Go Dawgs!”

Executive Producer

Mike Moss, Executive Producer of 1980 Dawgs - The Inside Story of the National Championship Season

 Lenny teamed up with Mike Moss, Entrepreneur and UGA Grady School of Journalism Class of 1983. Mike was a Co-Founder of ExecuTrain Corporation (with 3 partners who were also UGA Alums – David Deutsch, Kim Deutsch and Mike Addison). ExecuTrain became a world leader in the computer software training business. Since ExecuTrain, Mike has been involved in various entrepreneurial start-ups, including SafeRange Driving Skills, which provided hands-on, accident avoidance skills for new drivers.